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Copestone Proofreaders – Professional Proofreading, Copy Editing, Copy Checking by Expert Proofreaders, Copy Editors, Copy Checkers, Freelance Proof Readers and an Experienced Proof Reading Team

Getting your words right for you™

When it’s vital that your words do the job you need them to, read well and are accurate, precise and grammatically correct, using a professional proofreading and copy editing service is a highly cost-effective way of making sure you achieve your aims.

Copestone Proofreaders uses a team of in-house and freelance proofreaders and copy editors, covering all subjects and disciplines, so that the proofreader or copy editor used for your project matches your needs and is familiar with your subject matter and target audience.

Our proofreaders and copy editors will return the results of their work in the way that suits you best – everything from annotating hard copies, through tracking changes in Microsoft Word, to marking up PDFs using Adobe Acrobat Professional.

And not only do we get your words right for you through our professional proofreading and copy editing services, but we also meet all agreed deadlines and stick to our quotations.

See “Who we are” and “How we are different” to find out more about us, plus “What we do”, “Who we do it for” and “Sectors we coverto find out more about our professional copywriting, copy editing, proofreading and translation services.

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